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Blanca Prieto

Upon finishing her undergraduate degree in Violin and masters in Musicology in her hometown Salamanca, Blanca decided to move to Belgium to continue her training as an interpreter. She entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels to do a specialized masters in violin, and soon discovered the world of historical interpretation, studying baroque violin with Mira Glodeanu and Benoît Douchy. She completed her two master degrees in 2016 and now plays with “The New Baroque Times” and the Baroque Orchestra of the University of Salamanca as well as with a variety of ensembles both in Belgium and Holland. She has been interested in the influence the body and emotions have upon music performance and interpretation for many years, and has hence taken dance lessons and workshops, as well as courses in Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Yoga and Music Psychology. In 2016, together with other musicians, she created ‘Dulcinea’, a project whose purpose is the diffusion of Spanish and Latin-American musical patrimony through training and interpretation, and that is currently taking place in the ‘Cervantes’ Institute of Brussels.

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